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FISAE Ex-Libris Competition 2012 Finland

553 artist from 41 country, in catalogue 312 (56,4 %), 1.768 exlibris



Tomura Shigeki, Japan, *1951, C3



Hlodec Elena, France, *1972 in Romania, C5



Pasztula Krzysztof, Poland, *1953, L1



Kleiner Diana, Argentina, *1951, CGD, (hand-made paper)

Laine Janne, Finland, *1970, P3

Wu Yao, China, *1963, C3



Karabiber Pinar, Turkey, *, CGD, 63 x 104, 2012

Qiu Gui Lan, Japan (born in Guangdong of China), *, X1

Wang Ruixue, China, *1979, CGD

Wu Bin (Wensheng), China *1967, C3C6

Zhuang Man, Japan (born in Shanghai, China), *1972, C7, 139 x 110, 2011



Baeyens Martin R., Belgium, *1943, CGD

Chen MengTian, China, *1988, C3C8

Chen Xingzhong, China, *1952, CGD

Kuris Leonid, Israel, *1944, X6

Limon Birsen, Turkey, *1982, C3C5

Liu Xiuqiong, China, *1979, X1

Timoshenko Eugenia, Belarus, *1980, C3C5C6

Varela Marcos, Brasil *1954, X1

Wang Huiliang, China, *1972, C7

Wang Weide, China, *1944, X3



Bak Krzysztof Marek, Poland, *, CGD

Hung, Malou Oi Yee, Hong Kong, *1963, C3C5

Kezele Snežana, Serbia, *1951, CGD

Kublik Jochen, Germany, *1962, C7

Levitsky Andrew, Ukraine, *1961, CGD

Li Xiaoguang, China, *1975, X1

Pan Ching Li, Taiwan, *, X1

Polito Fernando Javier, Argentina, *1975, X6

Sepik Mehmet Sabri, Turkey, *1988, CGD

Toshiyuki Wakuta, Japan, *, X2

Xu Ying Wu, China, *1953, X1

Yang Zhong Yi, China, *1949, C4



Chai Yu, China, *, X5

Duan Guanghui, China, *1962, X5

Gutiérrez Emilio Carrasco, Mexico, *1957, X3

Huang Seng-Hsun, Taiwan, *1958, X2

Huang Yafeng, China, *1947, CGD

Lu Wei, China, *1983, C3C6

Skachkov Kirill, Ukraine, *1989, C3C5

Terauds Marina, USA, *1961, C3

Wu Kun, China, *, C3C6

Yamaguchi Hiromi, Japan, *, C7


Printable program (suomi/english) has been published, click here.

The participation list has been updated.

How to Get to Naantali Spa:

From Helsinki:
1.    Fly by Finnair to Turku, flight time abt. 35 min.
2.    By train.  From the airport, take Finnair City Bus from T1 every 20 min. 6,20 € to Helsinki railway station. Trains to Turku leave 2 min past the hour: 15.02, 16.02 a.s.o. Tickets from the Ticket Counter.
3.    By bus from Kamppi bus terminal (5-8 min walking distance from the railway station). The buses leave every half hour. Tell the driver to leave you at Turku Kauppatori. Both the bus and the train cost abt. 40 € one way. Tickets from bus driver.
4.    Please note: If possible, fly by Finnair and book the flight all the way from your home country to Turku and you will just have a flight change at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport!

From Turku airport:
1.    Taxi abt. 18 km, abt. 35 €.
2.    The Spa can arrange a minibus (capacity 17 persons), if reserved beforehand, for abt. 140 €. Contact maarit.jaakkola@sunbornhotels.com. or direct tel. +35824455664.   
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From Turku, Kauppatori: 
             Buses No. 11 and 110 from platform T7 to the Spa. At Naantali, tell the driver to stop at Kylpylä bus stop, 5,30 € one way. Buses leave frequently,7.00, 7.10, 7.20  a.s.o.

From Turku railway station:
             Buses No.32 and 42 will take you to Kauppatori. Both leave every 20 minutes, 2,50  €. Kauppatori is just three stops away, easy walking distance, if you are travelling light.   

By Car:
              Feed the navigator:  Matkailijantie 2, Naantali

18.04.2012 JML

The FISAE Congress Competitionin Finland 2012
Totally 553 artists from 41 countries sent their works to the Ex-Libris Competition. The total number of bookplates grew to 1,779. The World Exhibition of these, after the Istanbul Congress designed ex-libris, i.e. between 2010-2012, will be displayed in several places at Naantali, Raisio and Turku – later on even broader.